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Products and services Our products and services can be used for all kinds of funds; equity funds, bond funds, hedge funds, private equity and venture funds and so on. We have extensive analytical skills and can easily adapt our coverage to follow any specialised markets or sectors Development of qualitative and quantitative extra-financial methodology

This service aims to assist fund/hedge fund managers and private equity firms integrate an extra-financial analysis into their portfolio selection process by providing a tool to rank companies on the basis of their management of risk and future business opportunities posed by extra-financial issues. The methodology developed can be tailored to reflect the particularity of individual investment strategies. InSpire recently invested in the Norwegian electric car manufacturer Think. Think produced one of the largest fleets of electric vehicles in the world with the TH!NK city, launched in 1999. A new model is now under development and will be launched in Norway in 2007 and selected international markets in 2008.

Think’s mission is to create the most environmentally friendly vehicles in the world in a commercially successful way. inSpire will help them achieve this goal by developing a radically modern business model for producing, sourcing, marketing servicing and financing a car that meets the demands of a 21st century business. More information about Research for theme-related funds Risk assessment analysis for particular sustainable development themes (i.e. water and clean technologies). In order to assist fund/hedge fund managers and private equity firms with the development of theme-related funds, we have developed a research service, which includes the identification of the main extra-financial risks and opportunities for that theme as well as a selection of companies to be included in the portfolio. Translation of extra financial data provider into up to date data.

Up-to-date company assessments: It is Inspire Invest’s added value to provide clients with up to date company assessments. Extra-financial research providers company assessments and scores are «static» as they are only updated once a year. Inspire Invest’s has developed a service whereby we provide clients scores reflecting the latest company behaviour and events which may have a material impact on the company. This service can be adapted regardless of client’s extra-financial research provider.

History Foundation for Business and Society starts a research project on corporate governance, among others in cooperation with the Global Corporate Governance Forum of the World Bank. Inspire Invest becomes a partner in this project and develops a corporate governance assessment tool which was used by IDEAM and by a number of universities (Universiteit van Amsterdam). IDEAM and Inspire Invest start to look into other issues, including environmental and social relatos eroticos issues and set up the INAVAL think tank with the Foundation Franco-Norvegienne as sponsor. DNV and Inspire Invest acquire CoreRatings and guide its development into a risk-focused extra-financial rating agency. InSpire Invest takes over the research (non-solicited rating) part of CoreRatings from DNV and CoreRatings’ research team is merged with Innovest. Inspire Invest enters a partnership with Innovest giving global access to research and data, and develops for I.DE.AM a comprehensive research model including extra financial and corporate governance criteria. IDEAM and Inspire Invest are developing a business intelligence tool which aims at detecting early signals of ESG issues. IDEAM bought our rating activities in the UK.

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